$300k/year content creator?

$300k/year content creator?

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$66K in profit with a timer?

We just interviewed Philip, a designer from Jakarta Indonesia, who launched his productivity app Session and already reached $5.8K MRR (monthly revenue) .

It's a rather simple app - but I think that's why it works. It doesn't try to reinvent the wheel, but rather assists users to achieve productivity with a known and proven method: the Pomodoro technique.

So - how did Philip achieve such impressive MRR? Partnerships. He partnered with a Netflix-for-apps service and that 10x'd his revenue.

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More profitable software apps?

We have interviewed over 250 profitable software companies and apps, here are just a few amazing ones:

  • Preetam built a $30k/month Whatsapp plugin (link)
  • Alex shares how he built #1 Catholic app on App Store (link)
  • $10k/month online solitaire app (link)
  • $75k/month audio sharing app (link)

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64 techy business ideas you can start

Still looking for a tech-related idea? Not sure where to start yet?

We put together a list of 64 low-capital ideas you can choose from.

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$300k/year content creator?

One day, Jorden got fired from her job. Instead of looking for a new job, she started a new business.

That business now makes $300k/year.

If you're interested in being a content creator, creating successful courses, and building a profitable blog, this interview is worth checking out.

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Going solo? 100 profitable one-person business ideas

Can't find a business partner? Want to start something on your own?

Although starting a business on your own can be challenging, there are also benefits: you can do things your way, & you get 100% profits and equity...

We went through our database of successful businesses and found the best examples of solo founders.

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