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Red Hat Insights

Proactively reduce risk and optimize spending

Included with your Red Hat® subscription, Red Hat Insights provides increased visibility into your hybrid cloud deployments so you can improve performance and increase security.

Illustration of Red Hat's Developer Studio Product
Illustration of Red Hat's Developer Studio Product
Red Hat Developer Studio
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Improve operational confidence

Deliver more reliable IT solutions by identifying performance and configuration risks before downtime occurs. With less downtime, IT can focus on higher value projects and deepen their skills.

Continually manage vulnerability risks

Identify security risks in advance and prioritize the most important ones. Continually analyze against a large volume of Red Hat and industry vulnerability and compliance advisories, as well as your own policies without manual steps.

Efficiently track, manage, and report subscription use

To ensure resources and their related costs are optimized, you need up-to-the-minute visibility into your subscription usage. Red Hat Insights, accurately reports costs to help your teams predict future needs and optimize business.

Enhanced visibility across Red Hat environments with a single tool

Start identifying and remediating risks across your Red Hat ecosystem, including on-premises and cloud deployments with Red Hat Insights, a cloud-based service included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux® subscriptions.

Comprehensive risk identification without manual analysis

From a single interface, understand security and compliance risks, as well as performance, stability, and availability risks. Compare systems to Red Hat advisories and analyze for system differences without manual steps.

Guidance at your fingertips

Use included remediation guidance to take manual action or to create playbooks for resolution at scale with Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform or Red Hat Smart Management. Prioritize actions based on severity, type of risk, and the impact of the change.

Resolution at scale with Red Hat Smart Management

Red Hat Smart Management includes Red Hat Satellite for infrastructure management and a receptor for faster, simpler remediation of risks. Use Satellite with the push of a button from within Red Hat Insights.

Explore Red Hat Insights

These services are included in Red Hat Insights to help you meet operational efficiency and security risk management needs:


Identify issues in the areas of availability, performance, stability, and configuration best practices, based on 20+ years of Red Hat knowledge.

  • Identify known configuration risks in the operating system, underlying infrastructure, or workloads that impact performance, stability, availability, or security
  • View and prioritize risks based on system, type, severity, or impact of change
  • Take action using tailored remediation guidance that is designed for use by all skill levels or create playbooks for resolution at scale



Assess, monitor, remediate, and report on Common Vulnerability Exposures (CVEs) that impact Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments in the cloud or on-premises.

Understand  and triage vulnerabilities based on severity, Red Hat ratings for CVEs, and the level of exposure the risk creates for your organization

Remediate or mitigate identified CVEs by creating playbooks for automated resolution

Generate vulnerability reports for communicating status and knowns risks



Identify the level of compliance of a Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment to an OpenSCAP policy through a single tool.

  • Identify systems that violate regulatory compliance policies using OpenSCAP, an open source compliance tool
  • Review and prioritize compliance issues and remediate most non-compliant environments using playbooks
  • Generate compliance reports for use by executives, security teams, and others



Because every environment is unique, create and manage your own policies that act on system configurations

  • Analyze environment configurations to understand non-aligned areas and receive alerts
  • Use webhooks capabilities to integrate these policies into existing processes



Identify your current patching status for Red Hat environments by determining which Red Hat Product Advisories apply to your environments.

  • Identify and prioritize Red Hat Advisory exposures across all Red Hat Enterprise Linux deployments
  • Once needed patches are identified, apply them to any system or cloud instance manually or using playbooks



Compare systems to baselines, system histories, and each other to troubleshoot or identify differences without manual analysis.

  • Create baselines to help understand and simplify complexity
  • Compare one system to several others, to a baseline, or to its change history
  • Filter results by differences, similarities, or missing states and generate reports



Track progress of your Red Hat subscription usage.

  • Access unified reporting of Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription usage and utilization
  • Focus on workload management and deploy subscriptions where it makes most sense for the business
  • Use a cloud-based reporting dashboard for account-wide Red Hat subscription utilization, trending and alerting


Already have a Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription?

Insights is included in your Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription to help manage your Red Hat environment more thoroughly and with less manual effort.

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Our subscriptions come with award-winning support; the industry's largest ecosystem of partners, customers, and experts; hardware certifications; and a connection to open source communities where we source the best features and harden them for our enterprise products.

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