Newsletter: 50 side hustle ideas...

Newsletter: 50 side hustle ideas...

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$180k/year helping people find coding projects?

Our first story this week comes from Matt Studdert. He started a project called Frontend Mentor - which helps people learn to code by building real projects rather than taking tutorials.

Back when I learned to code, I hated tutorials, so this totally makes sense to me. Matt makes $15k/month and has no employees.

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$500k/year, all profit, no employees!

Affiliate marketing... If done right, it can be big business. For example, this affiliate marketing site sold for $1.24B a few years back.

That brings us to our next story: Spencer Mecham runs Buildapreneur, an affiliate site that earns $500k/year in profit.

What's great about affiliate businesses is that they require essentially zero startup costs, and can be run with minimal expense. Spencer shows us exactly this - he runs it himself and has no employees.

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P.S. here are 20 more affiliate marketing business ideas* if you're interested*

22 online business ideas you can start from home

Still sitting at home with some extra time and looking for a new side project or additional income stream?

We put together 20 businesses you can start from home, today, and we show you examples of others who started those businesses and how much they make.

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Are press releases worth doing?

Check out this company we just interviewed - a niche motorcycle brand making $2.8M/year.

One of their biggest reasons for growth has been earned media - they got themselves mentions in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and a bunch of other publications.

How did they do it? Creating press releases and sending them to journalists.

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50 money-making side hustle ideas

One thing I've noticed from successful companies - many of them started as a side hustle!

Starter Story was also a side hustle when it started. It took me almost 2 years to finally go full-time on it.

We've put together a list of 50 lucrative side hustle ideas to help get the wheels turning for you.

Or, if you're more daring, explore our database of 400+ side hustles (filter applied).

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